Saturday, March 17, 2012

Off Again

Pardon if this is a repeat but I do love the story about Clarence from the Cincinnati Rotary Club who won the raffle and got to go to Paris.  
--Well, how was it?
--Oh, it was wonderful, the bright lights, the music...
--And did you go to Montmartre?
--Heh, yes I did.
--And see the dancing girls?
--With the itty bitty short skirts? And the net stockings?
--You betcha.
--And take one back to your room?
--Yes, I have to say, yes.
--And what happened then?
--Well from then on, it was a hell of a lot like Cincinnati.

Shorter version: we're in Paris this morning, though not in Montmartre.   Foggy and a bit clammy. So, a hell of  lot like Palookaville.

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