Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now They Tell Us....

Taxation of Income Impractical

The tax would fall with its full weight upon men of integrity, while the millionaire of “easy virtue” would well nigh escape it altogether. It would, in fact, be a tax on honesty, and a bounty on perjury and fraud; and, if carried to any considerable height—to such a height as to render it a prominent source of income—it would undoubtedly generate the most barefaced prostitution of principle, and would do much to obliterate that nice sense of honour which is the very foundation of national probity and virtue.

  (last letter; scroll down to Sundt).


Jimbo said...

Would love to know where your posted quote comes from; it's good but it doesn't appear related to the link provided. Thanks.

Unknown said...

This consistent with George Bernard Shaw's definition of virtue: "insufficient temptation."