Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wait a Minute, What? Amartya Sen at Airport Security

Did I just hear Amartya Sen say that he got held up for 50 minutes (missing his connection) while British airport security searched his hand luggage?  See link (at 5:25).


Bob Lawless said...

Back when they were still checking IDs at the gate, I once saw the gate agent at the St. Louis airport ask Stan Musial for his driver's license. I am not making this up.

Bob Lawless said...

By the way, I'm assuming we're talking about the same Amartya Sen who used to play, I believe, second base for the Padres?

Anupam Chander said...

Amartya might find solace in the good company he is keeping--including Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, detained at the airport when traveling for a Yale conference... http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/opinion/edit-page/Foreign-minister-slams-US-authorities-for-detaining-Shah-Rukh-Khan-at-airport/articleshow/12693463.cms