Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Excuse Me, I Am a Stranger to Your Country
, Am I Being Insulted?

Eric Hobsbawm, in a subtle and sly tribute (I think) to his late colleague, Tony Judt:
Probably only in the ever nervous US could such a reputation have been built so quickly on the basis of a few articles in journals of modest circulation, addressed exclusively to academic intellectuals.
From the larger context, it is clear that principal among the "journals" is the New York Review of Books.   Eric is writing in the London Review of Books, 26 April 2012, p14 ("After the Cold War").


S said...

Oh, I thought the whole thing was slyly nasty: take this, for example:

[Prior to his New York days] "he was not a particularly prominent historian, even among Anglophone specialists in French history, perhaps because he had been tempted too far into the Serbonian bog of endless debate about the nature of the French left. Before the 1980s one might have come across him on the margins of social history, with a first-rate study of socialism in Provence between 1871 and 1914. His French phase combined impressive erudition with, in my view, historically trivial results ..."

John Haskell said...

there's that, and the fact that Postwar is way better than Age of Extremes