Saturday, May 12, 2012

Off Again

Of again, this time to Greece; fished a few spare drachmae out of the corner of the sock drawer, just in case.  We were in Crete a couple of years back but we are startled to realize we haven't set foot on the mainland for about 12 years.  We will travel, inter alia to the north, including Thessaloniki, where I've never set foot at all.
But I must finish, and shall chatter less
On Greece, for reasons which yourself may guess.
Only remember what you promised me
About the flask from dark-welled Castaly,—
A draught, which but to think of, as I sit,
Makes the room round me almost turn with wit.
Gods! What may not come true, what dream divine,
If thus we are to drink the Delphic wine!
--Leigh Hunt to Lord Byron (1816)
 To all faithful Underbelly readers, we'll tap a flask of dark-welled Castaly.

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Anonymous said...

i get by pretty good with concha y toro