Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Satchmo Controls the Narrative

Andrew Gelman rubs his eyes in disbelief at the inglorious display of domestic disharmony between Louis Armstrong and his beloved Lucille.  "Did Louis Armstrong and his wife really have this conversation?" he asks.  "This is just too much!"

Well, you know now, I wasn't actually there, and it's a little hard to believe that any couple will actually record the vituperation they hurl at each other at five o'clock in the morning.  But it doesn't sound entirely out of character for Louis--recall that this is the guy who felt comfortable giving samples of his favorite laxative to members of the British Royal Family.  And it does recall my favorite Louis story which I overheard 30 years ago from the next table in an uncrowded Cincinnati hotel restaurant.  Reputedly this happened during one of those interminable road trips where Lucille managed while Louis entertained.  Evidently Lucille came home one night and found Louis in flagrante delicto* with a woman who was, well, not Lucille.  Lucille gazed wide-eyed.  Louis gazed wide-eyed.  Then he shouted:
"Lucille!  Lucille!  Get this woman offa me!"

Now there is a guy who knows how to control the narrative.


New York Crank said...

Alternative scenario:

WIFE: How dare you have sex with a woman in our bed.

HUSBAND: What woman?

Buce said...

Somehow I remembering the story of how the cops burst into the room and shout "Are you Fensterwald?" To which the subject replies:

"How can you judge me until you've heard my side of the story?"

Taxmom said...

Another variant...."Who you gonna believe, me, or your lyin' eyes?"