Friday, June 01, 2012

Is My Memory Playing Tricks on Me?

Or is it true that my mother in the 1940s bought salt codfish for 11 cents a wooden box?

She was a bit shaky on the concept of desalinization.   On that part, I'm certain.

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mavis said...

You are probably correct. I never ate it until I learned about Bacala which my Italian mother-in-law made every St. Joseph Day in New Orleans. But back to your mother in the 1940's. Did you say she used to sing a song about oysters when you would ride in the car? Do you remember Father and Son in an Oyster Stew? Do you have any idea where it came from? Our family thought we were the only ones who knew that song!! We sing it together every time we 8 siblings get together. Our parents told us it was written by a family friend who wrote radio jingles for ads. Do you know any more about this song? Thanks for any information you have about it.