Saturday, June 02, 2012

More Jubilee Stuff

This is for Marilyn, celebrating at the Hartford Elks Club.  I hope the queen will drop by:
King George had a date,
He stayed out very late:
He was the king.

Queen Mary paced the floor;
King George stayed out till four;
Queen Mary met him at the door--
Also this, which I am pretty sure is from T. H. White's Once and Future King, though I do not have a copy at hand.
God save King Pendragon
Long may his reign drag on,
God save our king. 
Send him most gory-ous,
Great and uproarious,
Horrible and hoarious...
Shakespeare's Richard II says:

God save King Henry, unkinged Richard says,
And send him many years of sunshine days.
And somehow I also recall Jomo Kenyatta as cast on the old Vaughan Meador comedy record, whose ambition was to be "the first Negro queen of England."  Good luck with that, Jomo, and don't forget to drop by at the Elks Club.

Much more here, including French, Latin and Gaelic.  No word yet of a version in Klingon.

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MER said...

The Queen did not drop by - she is very busy. I was lucky enough to receive a tiara and wore it proudly for the whole evening! Nothing like a tiara at the Elks! Thanks for an official posting in your blog! Another wonderful accomplishment for my birthday, the Queen' jubilee and National doughnut day!