Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney and the Shaviro Standard

David Shaviro thinks he sees a double standard in Romney's coy tax disclosure policy: would Romney, asks Shaviro archly,let an applicant off the hook so easily if the applicant were seeking an office of trust and confidence with team Romney in the private sector?

I assume the answer is "ha," but I'd press the point a bit further.  We're told that when he was a supplicant for the Veep spot on McCain's ticket, Romney showed over two decades' worth of tax returns.  Qjuestion, will Romney be exacting the same disclosure from Bobby Jindahl, Rob Portman, whoever?  When Mrs. Romney says Mitt has given "all you people need to know" about taxes, I take it she did not mean "us people"?   Can we surmise that Romney believes the presidency to be more about him than about the people who elect him?

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