Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wish I'd Said That...

[T]he world has its reasons for not being Walrasian.

Robert Solow via Lars P. Syll, via BDL.  Wish I'd written the whole thing, actually, but then I'm not a macro man, am I?*  Also on the Macro beat: Miles Kimball offers cool definitions of "IS-LM" and "grok."


“Qualia” is just a pretentious label for “WTF, unsolved problem”. 

James Wimberly explaining Higgs-Boson.  So at least I now know what "qualia" is.  For the work of a guy who (like me) does not understand the Higgs Boson, but who exhibits his incomprehension with great panache, go here.

*What, I wonder, is it like to be "a macro man"--to spend your entire life steeped in a stew that turns out to be so much goofball gobbledygook goulash?  Is it like being a senior professor of dialectics, turned loose from East Germany in 1989?

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