Monday, August 13, 2012

Henwood Remembers

Doug Henwood, sorta Marxist renegade, in his early days at Yale indulged in a sorta one night stand with the Party of the Right.  In 2003, nostalgia drove him back to a reunion:
The centerpiece of a POR event is a toasting ritual organized around a "green cup"--a silver cup filled with a vile green punch. Toasts were raised to: the Catholic Church (inspiring some hisses from the Episcopalians); the "possession of absolute truth," which is one of the "incidental perquisites" of party membership; to the murder of Ben Linder, the American Sandinista sympathizer who was killed by the Nicaraguan contras in 1987; to the Crusades; to the "British empire and its American successor"; and to the prospect of building "a Basilica in Riyadh, and a cathedral in Mecca." The last prompted a call from the audience, "What about Jerusalem?"

Wonder if the Cro-Magnons got their own table.

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Anonymous said...

green cups are/were served at mory's