Monday, August 20, 2012

In Which I Remind My Readers that I'm a Vulgarian

Am I the only guy in America who does not think Joe Biden speaks in "gaffes?"  Grant that he is a chatterbox; still he strikes me as well-briefed and in full command of the vernacular.  If he seems to indulge himself in a cheerful partisanship, isn't that part of his job?  And isn't it to his credit that he evinces that rarest of all qualities among politicians of our  own time, a degree of comfort in his own skin?

And speaking of "skin," I'm equally baffled at why Rep.Kevin Yoder (R-Not in Kansas Any More)  felt he had apologize for going skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee-- or more precisely, why the fussbudget in chief, Eric Cantor, felt he had to scold Yoder for it.  Seems to me that the correct response for a grown man against an imputation that he took a moonlight plunge in the altogether ought to be "Yeah? So?"  Or in the words of the immortal Joe Biden, I do not see it as a big effing deal.

Underbelly's Wichita bureau  does offer one possible clarification: maybe the problem with Yoder and the water is that he didn't walk on it.


theamazingjex said...

I don't think Biden is a gaffe machine. I think he is a "gaffe" machine. The media loves reporting Biden "gaffes" because it breaks the monotony of what they have reduced their noble profession too. They even have a meme that Biden is gaffe prone which makes this work fit their MO. But the "gaffes" are so weak sauce that they don't amount to anything.

Ken Houghton said...

What theamazingjex Said.

I thought the reason Yoder was apologizing is that the only reason he was willing to go skinnydipping is that he was drunk.

(Now, if he had gone skinnydipping in the Dead Sea, that would be another story. That particular body of water leaves any part of your body with a scratch or sore--even ones you didn't know you had--in pain.)