Saturday, September 22, 2012

Retirement Havens

On a superficial view, they all look pretty nice to me:


But I couldn't use my Medicare.  And I don't speak the language.  And they're expensive.  And oh, right, they don't want me anyway.

Ah well, back to Palookaville.


dilbert dogbert said...

You have the whole western foothills of the Sierras which must be over 100 miles long and maybe 30 wide to choose from and you want to go to Europe? It seems to be the place where the Bay Area goes to die.
Occasionally I run into someone who speaks one of the American dialects in that area.
I don't think it is far from Palookavile.

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't need your medicare there. they've all got single payer health coverage.

Anonymous said...

No single payer in Lucerne, but Medicare might be able to cut a mutually profitable deal with some Swiss insurance company. The language would also not be an insurmountable hurdle.