Monday, September 03, 2012

Temperament Trumps Doctrine

“Here, people are more religious, even if they’re not Muslim, and I am comfortable with that,” said Ms. Alhamad, an undergraduate in civil engineering, as several other Muslim women gathered in the student center nodded in agreement. “I’m more comfortable talking to a Christian than an atheist.”
 So the New York Times, quoting one Mai Alhamad, a Kuwaiti woman who likes to wear a head scarf and is enjoying life at the (Catholic) University of Dayton.  Per the Times, she's part of a trend.

Now I've got no beef with the Times for running the story but we shouldn't be too surprised, should we?  Isn't it a good generalization about politics that temperamental affinities like those on display here outweigh mere doctrinal differences.  Doesn't that (help to) explain why American evangelical Christians get along so famously with right-wing Orthodox Jews?   And, perhaps, why Mitt Romney sees Paul Ryan as a kind of surrogate son?

Still, remember, you heard it here first: if Sharia law ever comes to the United States, it will be part of the Tea Party platform.

Fn.:  What the hell did Mitt's five sons do to him to make him feel like he needs a sixth one?

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Ken Houghton said...

"What the hell did Mitt's five sons do to him to make him feel like he needs a sixth one?"

As the father of two daughters, I can't speak from firsthand knowledge of the virile (op cit. NRO) Mr. Romney's attitudes toward his get.

I will note, however, that when your most successful son owes his entire success to you (1) funding him and (2) making it clear you will run for (and possibly be) President during the time he runs his hedge fund, you may develop a different perspective on your possible legacy. (Think GHWB without Jeb.)