Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nothing About Politics or Weather: Cabbages

If you could show the cabbage that I planted with my own hands to your emperor, he definitely wouldn't dare suggest that I replace the peace and happiness of this place with the storms of a never-satisfied greed
The (former) Emperor Diocletian,
 in retirement, rejecting an entreaty to return.

I want death to find me planting my cabbages, but caring little for it, and even less for my imperfect garden.
Michele de Montaigne, Essais, I, 20
To Philosophize is to Learn How to Die.

Cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education.

Colder than a kraut crock.

--Weather report.

You asked me for some cabbage
And you ate just like a sabbage.

--Louis Armstrong, and others

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