Friday, October 19, 2012

Sighting: Tattoo

In the locker room at the gym yesterday, about 15 feet away a guy, naked, a bit pudgy, pink skin, a cane (too young for the cane--Iraq vet?).  And up and down the left side of his rib cage, a tattoo: some 15 lines of text.  I couldn't read it, but it looked for all the world like one of those poems that Michelangelo used to jot on scrap paper at the job site.  I say I couldn't read it--but wait, at the bottom, here's one word in all caps: AMEN.

Not this, but like this
So, the Lord's Prayer?  That's my best guess.  As I say I couldn't read it.  I was curious, I admit.  I admit also that I am nosy enough to peek at the book in the hands of the passenger(s) next to me in economy plus to see what they're reading.  But I can further assure you  that I am  not the kind of guy to sidle up to a naked stranger in a locker room, not even to read what he has written on the side of his rib cage.  

But this prompts a question: just who is the intended audience for this projection of sentiment?  Not me, obviously.  And I don't see how it could be intended for any hypothetical sweety in bed beside him--hey, how often have you lifted the sheet and gazed at your companion's bod for a little light reading before lights out?  So, who?

A few minutes later I was galumphing away on my torture device exercise bike: I saw him walk out assisted by his cane, now fully clothed.  A couple of small tattoos displayed themselves.  But the textual foundation--ah, that remained a secret to all, perhaps excepting the idle observer in the locker room.

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Lindsay said...

People with tattoos are generally proud of them. You could just ask what it says. No need to sidle. It probably has a deep personal significance.