Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The 350th Anniversary of a Very Good Day

For Samuel Pepys on October 24, 1662, things were going well: 
24th. After with great pleasure lying a great while talking and sporting in bed with my wife (for we have been for some years now, and at present more and more, a very happy couple, blessed be God), I got up and to my office, and having done there some business, I by water, and then walked to Deptford to discourse with Mr. Lowly and Davis about my late conceptions about keeping books of the distinct works done in the yards, against which I find no objection but their ignorance and unwillingness to do anything of pains and what is out of their ordinary dull road, but I like it well, and will proceed in it. So home and dined there with my wife upon a most excellent dish of tripes of my own directing, covered with, mustard, as I have heretofore seen them done at my Lord Crew's, of which I made a very great meal, and sent for a glass of wine for myself, and so to see Sir W. Pen, who continues bed-rid in great pain, and hence to the Treasury to Sir J. Minnes paying off of tickets, and at night home, and in my study (after seeing Sir W. Batten, who also continues ill) I fell to draw out my conceptions about books for the clerk that cheques in the yard to keep according to the distinct works there, which pleases me very well, and I am confident it will be of great use. At 9 at night home, and to supper, and to bed. ...

Afterthought:  Except it's not, is it?  Given that Julian/Gregorian stuff, the "real October 24 is--um sometime in early November.  The Russians have some kind of a problem along these lines, not so?


brad said...

When do we get to: "Methinks the Devil shits Dutchmen!"?

Brad DeLong

Buce said...

Oh, not for a long time. Apparently September 1667, but notably, he seems there to be quoting the same W. Batten referenced here. See:

Here's a note on Batten: