Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Disappearing Blog: Progress of a Sort

Hm.  Underbelly groupies know that I've been down for a couple of days.  GOK why.  I started getting emails from groupies two nights ago when I was still in Brussels.  I guessed it might be a problem with a .be logon instead of the usual .com; anyway I was packing for home so I let it slide.  

Home didn't solve the problem.  I posted help begs hither and yon but so far, zip.  I tried removing posts that I suspected were giving offense; no dice.  I unlinked a post from Facebook; I tried to unlike from Google plus but couldn't figure out how.

Then on a whim,  I tried trading in my custom template for a basic template.  That seems to bring back my messages but it looks like I don't have my sidebar, so, more experimenting to come.

Meanwhile: I get reports that readers can get posts in Explorer, and on Iphone.  I get postings in my Google Reader.   

I'll keep fiddling.  I think I'll just cross post everything to FB and G+.  Meanwhile, all insights welcome.


Toni said...

FWIW. They show up in my Google Reader.

Jimbo said...

I've seen all the most recent posts unless there are some I haven't seen and therefore don't know that they exist. (Rumsfeld: known-knowns known-unknowns, unknown-unknowns.)