Tuesday, November 06, 2012

For Perspective: More Political Action

On November 6 Ilych was still in hiding at the flat of our Party member Marguerite Fofanova in the Vyborg District (Houser No. 92/1, Flat No. 42 on the corner of Bolshoi Sampsonievski and Serbodolskaya streets).  He knew that the uprising was about to take place, and fretted because he was not in the thick of it at such a crucial moment.  He sent two messages through Marguerite saying that the uprising could not be delayed a moment longer.   That evening, at last, Eino Rahja, a Finnish comrade, came to see him.  Eino, who was in close touch with the factories and the Party organization and served as a medium through whom Ilyich maintained contact with the organisation, told Ilyich that the guards patrolling the city had been doubled, that the Provisional Government had given orders to raise the bridges across the Neva in order to cut off communication between the working-class quarters, and that the bridges were being guarded by detachments of soldiers.  Obviously, the uprising was starting.  Ilych had intended asking Eino to send for Stalin, but had gathered from what Eino had told him that that was almost impossible.  Stalin was probably at the M.R.C. in Smolny, the tramcars were probably not running, and it would take him a long time to get there.  Ilych decided to go to Smolny himself at once.  He hurried away, leaving Marguerite a note, saying: "I am going where you did not want me to go.  Good-bye.  Ilych."
--N. K. Krupskaya, Reminiscences of Lenin 386-7 (1960)

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