Thursday, November 01, 2012

Margaret Sullivan Doesn't Get the New Journalism

TPM nails it:  the NYT gains more from Nate Silver than Silver gains from the NYT.

Inside out: if Margaret Sullivan thinks it is Nate who needs the Times, she hasn't got the memo on the changing structure of journalism.   But has anyone noticed: this is at least the second time in her  brief career that Sullivan has tried to project the power of the Times from  her bully (heh!) pulpit. Go here to see how she deals with Andrew ("freelancer" as in "you can be replaced") Goldman. 

Goldman isn't Nate Silver, and in his case, I suppose it is true that he does need the Times more than the Times needs him.   But may I forgiven is I surmise that Ms. Goldman emits the whiff of management here--someone who (as a former editor) has probably had more than her share of occasions to tell the whippersnappers that they aren't as big as their heads, and that there are kids down at the J school who blah blah you get the idea.

It's a complicated issue, one that no doubt requires disposition on (as the lawyers like to say) a case by case basis.  But six months ago, Margaret Sullivan was in Buffalo: with her new brief, she's shot up the glitterati ladder far enough for a nosebleed. That is, if anybody gains from the bully pulpit that is the NYT, I'd say it is the new public editor.

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