Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hirschman and Rosen

Maybe it's just me but I find a certain unhappy congruence in the deaths of Albert O. Hirschman and Charles Rosen.   "Titans in their field" is tempting but too easy.  For one thing, each had a way of reconceptualizing the subject of his inquiry, so the "field" was never again what it looked like before his inquiries began.  Of each,  admirers speak in hushed tones that seem to say "I never saw X the same way again after I  read Y."

Here's a good obituary of Rosen.  I first heard of Hirschman's death in a tweet from Dani Rodrik. See also link, link. A quick Google turns up the death of his wife, Sara, just last winter.   Apparently they were married some 70 years.

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