Friday, December 21, 2012

Rock on, La Pierre!

I spent a good chunk of the morning cooling my hebilels at Best Buy while a pleasant and seemingly intelligent techie failed to solve my problem (they didn't charge me).  What with all the distractions, I found I couldn't do much except thumb through my Twitter feed.  Which meant that I experienced the full force of the Twitterstorm against the notorious Wayne LaPierre and his almost comically ill-timed speech blaming gun death on, well on everybody except Wayne LaPierre.

Honestly, it was a bit like watching a swarm of live bees.  For example  (some are RTs):

BillmonL, The NRA bans guns at its National Meeting....crazy, but not suicidal.  Robert Reich, NRA will soon recommend we arm every child.  Bruce Bartlett, Columbine had an armed guard at school.   John Fugelsang (who?),There's only one reason you'll need 30 rounds for hunting and it's Zombie Deer (sic--30 rounds stops a zombie?).   Jamison Foser (who?),  Every teacher should keep a bag of cobras under their desk.  Daniel Drezner (quoting), "Once you start shooting in a classroom, somebody's gonna get hurt."Ana Marie Cox, LaPierre's finger-pops of insanity: my new thing.  Harry Shearer, Skip the guards.  Just arm the kids.   A certain Wayne LaPierreanoid (possibly a psuedonym?), If you see anyone who u suspect is mentally ill, please report their location to the #NRAhotline.  If they start moving away, u know what to do. Barry Ritholtz; JACKASS CONTEST OF THE YEAR ENDS IN A BLOWOUT VICTORY.

Finally, @jackshafer counsels us to "check out the last 48 minutes of @DavidFrum's twitter feed."  I think he means "we need a federal agent at every marriage & western concert...Hallowe'en party...cancer hospital... teen birthday party.... gun range...high school prom...muffler shop ... library ... zoo ... Dunkin' Donuts ... hospital ... Christian college ... dog groomer ... dental clinic .,. yacht club ... swimming pool ... in every taxicab ... we need a federal agent to protect every little girl with a stupid relative."    There are more, but perhaps you get the drift.

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Ken Houghton said...

John Fugelsang used to be (may still be) a VH1 VideoJockey (VJ). He has shown over time that he has a brain.

Jamison Foser works for one of the "Liberal" organizations (maybe Think Progress?)

This has been the latest installment in identifying 21st Century Popular Icons. (And that you get such introductions from me is Really Scary.)

A Federal agent at every real C&W concert might not be a bad idea. But I REALLY want to know where he gets dog grooming done.