Friday, December 14, 2012

Well, What Day Would Be Good for You, Mr. President?

Really movin' up in the disappointment league tables:

White House On Newtown School Shooting: Today Not The Day For Gun Control Debate

Flashback: White House conversation overheard from six months ago.
--Smithers, I want you to prepare me a package for a full frontal assault on gun violence.  Major address.  Substantive proposals.  Plan for a national conversation.   Lists of supporters ready to deploy.

--Mr. President?  Now?  In the midst of an election?

--No, of course not, Smithers. Not now, out of the blue.  The gun nuts would catch me wrong-footed and the whole program would go nowhere and I'd lose the election to boot.  But believe it, Smithers, there is bound to be another mass school shooting--

--[Aghast]  You wouldn't want to try to take advantage of a moment of national tragedy--

--And why not?  When better moment  to get everybody's attention--when even the wildest gun nuts will be feeling at least a trace of shame or remorse.

--But you might say something out of line--

--You really don't get it, do you Smithers?  That is precisely why I want you to work on it now.  I want something that puts these guys in corner.  Humiliates  them.  Leaves them without a shred of support.You need help?  We'll get you help.  You need money?  We'll find it.   For once in my life, I want to do something other than "lead from behind."  Now make it happen.
 No, of course not.  Or if he did, I guess he gave the job to the wrong guy.

Update:  I wrote this before  I knew the President was himself speaking out (indeed, I think while he was speaking out).  Having read reports of his remarks, I see no need to revise mine. 

Update II:  For a worthwhile conversation, some places to start: here  (H/T Epicurian Dealmaker); here; here; herehere

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Ken Houghton said...

SS, Same Day, Different Results.

For the asshole who starts spouting "guns don't kill people..."