Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, and I Read the Stuff, Don't I?

This morning's e-mail from the London Review of Books offers three teasers from the forthcoming issue:
  • The Strange Career of Robert Oppenheimer

  • Nancy Astor

  • Larkin v. Amis

I mean c'mon now. Is it possible to think of any topics more overdone and squeezed dry. [Why, yes it is--how about something nice about the Bloomsbury Group, or Henry James?--ed.]

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Ken Houghton said...

I'm thinking Philip Larkin v. Martin Amis. "The family. They f*** you up. If he weren't Kingsley's son, not one would have taken him as anything other than a third-rate Thurber, a boffo Benchley, or a pitifully pale Parker...."

And the guy who has written two books on Bertrand Russell and one on Wittgenstein taking on Oppenheimer is a recipe for a fun review. Like A. O. Scott on The Hobbit.