Monday, January 07, 2013

And Here's to Good Old (Uh, Let Me Check My Notes ...)

I see that the good folks at  Coursera as their breakthrough in online education offering, a couple of courses from Antioch University in LA.  Is it worth remembering that Antioch LA is itself the product of an earlier experiment in educational brand management--the initiative of Antioch College in Ohio to franchise itself, on the order of "Colonel Sanders, Muncie branch"--?  There may or may not be a moral to be drawn from the fact that in the earlier case, it was the mother ship that foundered while some of the satellites (including LA?) seem to have done okay.

Ah, an I see that the Antioch courses will be offered by professors from Penn--further proof, if any there need be that the entity isn't the entity any more: it's just a locus in a network of IP rights.  I note also that Coursera is a subsidiary of Amazon.  If you'd rather skip the education and go straight to the brand, go here.

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