Friday, January 25, 2013

Ms.K Endorses Goddard on Shakespeare

You remember H. C. Goddard?  I wrote an appreciative squib about his Shakespeare commentaries a year ago September.  Comes now one Sue K (unknown to me) with a far more interesting bit of background about Goddard and his work.  It will profit you to go read it even if it is a bit belated.

Of course Ms. K's generally positive view though I will add an afterthought, meant to reflect ill on neither Goddard nor me.  Specifically: although I've had the book(s) for something like 16 months so far, I haven't finished it yet.  I don't think this is nearly as shameful as it may sound.  The point is that this is a book to be imbibed slowly and savored, not scarfed down with a gulp.  It's a bedside book: I read a few pages every few days.  I think about them for a few days and then sometimes, I read the same pages again.  I'm jumping around from play to play almost at random though I guess I have done about half the book so far.  I'm delighted that I have so much to look forward to and I will only be sorry when it ends (the last book that made me feel this way was War and Peace).

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