Friday, January 04, 2013

The Last of the Netbookers

Farhad Manjoo says the netbook is dead, and Farhad Manjoo says good riddance.  He didn't ask me.  I'm typing this right now on my Acer Mini which is, at least for the moment, my only working computer.  I say "computer" in a sense that excludes my Iphone which is really my ebook reader and audiobook listener; also my paleo-Ipad which spends most of its quiet life in the kitchen as a cookbook and a source for the New York Times at the breakfast table (not eager to spill coffee on the phone).  I had a desktop--actually a very large laptop--until it went kerplunk a couple of weeks ago.  Mrs. Buce hopes I will replace it with a Mac so I will better understand Macs and thereby equip myself to better help with her Mac. I may do precisely that and for precisely that reason but for the most part, I feel no (other) strong inducement in that direction.

Thing is that I, apparently unlike Farhad, can actually type on this thing.  And since this is about the only thing for which I need any mini/laptop/desktop, I'm actually doing fine. 

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Ken Houghton said...

You're the last of the netbookers only because mine die a couple of months ago and I have replaced it with a ca.-2001 IBM ThinkPad (bigger screen, less memory).

Netbooks are still better protected than tablets, and easy to use on public transport. But I guess people who care about the former and work on the latter are not enough of a market.