Friday, February 08, 2013

David Discovers the Coolest Thing Ever

David writes:

So there's this term Fach (plural Fachen): system is a method of classifying singers, primarily opera singers, according to the range, weight, and color of their voices. It is used world wide, but primarily in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries and by repertory opera houses (link).

They are sorted by range, and I recently worked out my range. The article gives some roles associated with each Fach. Here are some of mine (cites lifted from Wiki):

(Range: From about the E below low C to the F above middle C (E to f'))

Basso cantante/Lyric bass-bariton/High lyric bass

Hoher Bass/Dramatic bass-baritone/High drama bass

[Jugendlicher Bass 

Leporello, Masetto, Don Giovanni (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Spielbass/Bassbuffo/Lyric buffo

So there you go.
Comment: I can see David as Leporello or Figaro but Phillip II would be a stretch.   I'm tempted to pursue this inquiry for myself except that my own range is about three notes.  Still, I would really love to sing Germond in Traviata.  As in

Don't you understand, sweetie?
My daughter is a respectable woman.
And you are a whore.
So I'm sorry, but you'll just have to go.   

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