Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The ToniKröger

Mrs. Buce does not pay a lot of attention to financial news but like the rest of the world, she cannot evade the Cyprus kerfuffle. She's coming around to the view that there really two Eurozones, one for Huns and Vikings, the other for those excitable southerners.  It's like one soul trying to claw its way out of another body (think Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin).  Or perhaps one body comprising two souls, like the divided souls of Thomas Mann stories,  in particular the one about Tonio Kröger, the lad with the northern-banker father and the Italian-artist mother

Mrs. B suggests that it is time, maybe not to split the Euro in two but perhaps to recognize the duality of the  system by conferring a more suitable name. She would suggest "the Kröger," but rejects it because people might confuse it with the Krugerrand which is something altogether different. She thus lights on "the ToniKröger." I point out that for correctness she really needs the extra "o." She grants the point but responds that five syllables would be too many and that anyway, if she added an "o," people would think it Irish.

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