Friday, March 15, 2013

Whine? Me?

Rob Portman says he's changed his mind on gay rights now that he has found out that his son is gay.  He is greeted with hoots of derision unsympathetic responses from Matt Yglesias, Paul Krugman, Noah  Berlatsky and GOK who else, all chorusing that it's pretty rich for a hardliner like Portman to get religion (heh!) on an issue like this only if as and when it creeps into his own DNA.  It would be churlish and self-defeating for the folks here at  Underbelly to point out that we made the same--oh, crap, Buce, go for it.

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marcel said...

1) Your word choice (i.e. "churlish") suggests that either you saw this before posting, or that KD read your piece before posting his.

2) Also, this and Lee Swort's comment here.

3) Somewhere on the web, someone reminded us of Domenici and mental health funding and a 3rd Gooper Senator and funding for suicide prevention.

3) Who's GOK?