Thursday, May 16, 2013

But You Knew That: Passion (and Jewelry)

Mrs. Buce hied me off to Best Buy this morning with a refractory Ipad.  I there acquired the services of an intelligent youngster who spent about half an hour fiddling with the device (no charge) before explaining what she thought I needed to do and making it clear that I should do it myself because I wouldn't want to pay her as much as she would charge.  

"Do you want me to write it out?" she asked.

"Nah, I understand," said.

She grabbed a Post-it and pen.  "I'll write it out,"  she said.

While she wrote, I noticed that she was wearing the largest ring I had ever seen outside the Vatican. Turquoise and silver, as in "Indian."

Finally she passed over a couple of Post-its and turned as if to move away to her next, one may hope more profitable, encounter.  Idly I said:

"Do you make your own rings?"

She stopped in her tracks. "No," she said, but then she turned and launched into what gave promise of being a long narrative about the jewelry game and its intricacies. After a minute or two she caught on to herself, put a cork in it, thanked me and turned away.

What have we learned today children?  We learned that everybody has a passion.  But you knew that.

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Anonymous said...

so many people work at a job because it's the only job they can get. some people aint good at job getting. you see them in book stores and doing low level clerical work. really smart but just not good at getting a job. when i was a young newspaperman starting in the '50's and for years, the country was full of newsroom jobs. not now.