Sunday, June 02, 2013

Secret History: Córdoba

At the Sephardic House Jewish museum in Córdoba:
--How many Jews are there in Spain today?
--Oh, about 30,000.
--Where are they?
--Madrid, Barcelona, all over.
--How many in Córdoba?
--Only?  Not 25,000?
--No, no, twenty-five.  
--Are you one?
--No, not me.  But they went underground, so maybe we re all Jews.


Anonymous said...

didn't the franciscans run the inquisition show in those good old days. we thought abu ghabi was bad. the inquisition enactors set the record.

The New York Crank said...

The "I don't know" response is probably pretty accurate and reasonable. Jews went undercove in the 1490s, became "Marranos" and little by little lost their identity. I showed a Spaniard around New York a few years back who genuflected with great sincerity at every church we visited, but refused to eat pork in a Chinese restaurant because his grandfather had made him promie never to do that, out of respect for their old religion. This guy married a Spanish Catholic, and in another generation it'll all be lost, what little is left.