Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Am I a Gateway Drug to a Life of Crime?

I have a smidgen of digital media that I want to share with a grandchild who lives at the other end of the intertubes.  I was about to press the "send" button when the little gremlin on my right shoulder whispered, "wait a minute, are you sure this is legal?"  Well, no, I am not sure.  And I certainly want to set a good example for the young.  And I wouldn't be popular at Thanksgiving dinner if he popped up as co-defendant in a piracy case.

But then I got to thinking.  Mrs. B often downloads (downloads!) stuff that she then plays on the big screen in the living room.  It is her account.  Must I confine myself to the basement while her stuff is playing?  Is it okay for me to watch because we are married?  But we lived together for ten years before we were married; was it illegal all that time (Did we have digital media back then?  I forget).  

Anyway, the grandchild is not under the same roof.  Would it be okay if he came to visit?  Like, if he was staying the the weekend so his parents could have a holiday, not just coming to watch the media?  Is there a limit on degrees of consanguinity?  What if he was adopted (note to grandchild: no, sorry, you are not adopted)?

And back to me.  During my school-teaching term each spring, I'm away from home three-four nights a week.   Can I no longer watch Mrs. B's media if I am away four nights a week?  Is three okay? Could she bring them to my motel?  Ah, screw it Buce, just send the file.

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