Saturday, July 27, 2013

From God's Mouth to Your Ear

Four hundred languages?   Then I suppose it is true to say that  the new Bible app revolutionizes Biblical scholarship.  But is it also true that it includes no Hebrew, no Septuagint, no Vulgate Latin?  That is, none of the root sources for so many of the others?  Apparently it does include a Greek New Testament, though.  And I gather Vulgate, etc., are available elsewhere.  See, e.g., link.

Still, it does intrigue me how casual Christians are about translation, and the use of translation.  Unlike, say, Jews, who still bat Hebrew into the little rascals' heads in the afternoon after regular school.  Or Muslims who read/recite it in the original, whether they understand it or not.  Idle thought: I have a friend who, as part of his study of Buddhism, is learning a bit of Pali (not Sanskrit, he says, too hard).  But how many Buddhists read the sacred texts in an original language?  Or Hindus?  Me, I have no idea.

[None of this first-hand knowledge with me.  I am tracking a study list where I lurk and I don't know (nor have I asked to find out) that they be would want to be quoted/outed.]

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