Friday, July 12, 2013

It's the Intern, They Say

I share the general covert sniggering about the, ahem, unfortunate public "naming" of the Asiana pilots earlier today. I see the National  Transportation Safety Board is now blaming it on a so-far unidentified "intern."  Might be, although I confess I had been playing with a different theory.  Seems to me that the target victim here might have been not the billions of Asians who might choose to take offense at the misnaming,, or the several hundred Americans who might feel embarrassed at the outing of their loutish insularity, but rather the poor dear who got snookered into reading this stuff on the air.   Of course she should have known better and of course that's why there used to be editors, but if this intern story loses its legs, I'd take another look at her disappointed ex-boyfriend.

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