Monday, July 29, 2013

Should She be Fired?

i.e., this one?

Or this one?

Afterthought, speaking as a long-experienced and bona fide old person, I treat it as a matter of profound indifference that the chirrupy little blonde is scared of old people.  Of course she is scared of old people. She is a young person.  It's her job to be scared of old people.  Did not the saintly Lisa Simpson say she didn't want to sit next to grandpa because he smelled funny?  Yeh, sure, the blonde has to bite her tongue and be nice to to old people  anyway and you know what, sweetie?  I'm not all that crazy about young people when they are, e.g., acting like idiots.  But we learn to suck it up and rub along anyway, don't we?

I'd say the boss in the cute-blonde case is being a jerk, but she probably learned an important life lesson.  The other guy is  a prime candidate for the may-he-rot-in-hell file.  But at least the lady gets to keep her pension.

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