Monday, August 19, 2013

More on Claiming-race Taxation

A couple of followup points re my post on claiming-race taxation.  One, my friend Scott tells me that he has heard--though he admits he has no confirming source--that Castro offered such a deal to the multinationals operating in Cuba in 1961,  If true, I suppose it is documented in the literature, though neither Scott nor I has troubled to track it down.
Two, Underbelly's Wichita Bureau points out that it's just a species of the standard buy-sell agreement, familiar to anyone who ever drafted the paperwork for a partnership business: either party can name the price at which the other can buy or sell.
And three,  now that I think of it, they are all variants of "one cuts, the other chooses," for splitting, say, a pastrami sandwich.  I think you can even generalize it to a situation where there are seven or eight people around, say, a pizza.  One guy cuts.  Everybody else (in turn) gets to take or pass; if nobody takes, then the cutter is stuck with it.

There must be more. Hey, I smell dissertation topic!  But it's probably already been written.


marcel said...

See here under cake cutting.

Anonymous said...

And here is the definitive monograph on cake cutting algorithms: