Sunday, August 04, 2013

Not Bad Boys, Just Misunderstood

“Those Viking raids: I think they were misunderstood.” Sven—his name have to have been Sven—took another Swig on his Duges Perfect Idjit. “I think those Viking raids were misunderstood. First thing, they weren't 'raids.' We were just on—how you say--'flyttande år.'  We're on walkabout, on holiday, on spring break.   They'd show us their bowmen and we'd give em a look at a good Viking broadaxes--wonderful blade on those on those babies, could do some real harm if you ever got mad.  But no: we'd sample some of the local brews. We'd get acquainted with a few of the girls down there and if a few of them got, like, 'carried away,' why where's the harm in that? Kind of a cultural exchange. Bartender, another brewski, ja?”

 Vikings:  just misunderstood.


Anonymous said...

over the pre-history centuries when vikings made it to the island that was england the natives worked out arrangements with them. england's people are an assimilated people -- romans for centuries, the back and forth with parts of france. saxony. aint some brits web footed? where did that come from?

marcel said...

his name have to have been Sven

or Ole.