Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who Was that Masked Man, I Wanted to Thank Him....

I've spent more of my life than is entirely wholesome wandering around the interiors of Medieval European Cathedrals: on documents that ask me to declare a church preference, I tend to write “Gothic.” But here's a new one on me: Uppsala domkyrka, the Cathedral at Uppsala in Sweden, seat of the Archbishop-primate. From the outside, it's not especially to my taste: a bit too dour and overbearing, the result, perhaps of an aggressive, some might say “savage,” restoration in the 19th Century.

But the interior, particularly the shape of the interior—height, width and related dimensions: I'd say it's wonderful, right up there with the best of the best.

So necessarily the question arises: whom do we have to thank for this miracle? Who was the master builder, and where did he learn his trade?

And the answer, so I am told: we have no idea. Nlo bills no contracts, no lawsuits, nothing.  But think of all the detailed knowledge we have about so many of the great builders on the European landmass (or in England, for that matter). Then compare Uppsala: we have to file it a one more item on the asset ledger of ”anon.” Good work, anon. Thanks for leaving it to us.

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