Sunday, September 29, 2013

Provincetown Dogs

Mr. and Mrs. Buce wound up at Provincetown on Cape Cod today, in time for the Dog Appreciation Parade.  It was chance, not plan: re pets, Chez Buce embraces a policy of benign indifference.  But it was good fun, an entertaining way to idle away an afternoon on this community that may very well deserve its claimed identity as the doggiest in the universe. 

The parade itself was actually pretty tame: probably the most remarkable aspect was the post-parade parade of Accords, Camrys, SUVs and other tourist-bearing vehicles stymied behind the parade on Provincetown's (barely) one-way main street.  Even aside from the place, one is struck by the general dogginess of the place and here is what interested me: their equanimity, not just in the face of tourists, but of other dogs.  I didn't see any bared teeth and heard no yapping.  Evidently if there is a whole multitude, the general presence somehow keeps the juices below a boil.  I know this doesn't seem right: we can all stipulate to the menace embodied in a pack of hounds.  Maybe it is the leashes.  Which is to say, if they ever get off leash altogether, we non-canines had better hope those claws cannot rip the skin off a Toyota.

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