Saturday, October 26, 2013

Justin Fox on the Truck that Just Hit Us

Justin Fox's Myth of the Rational Market was much praised; I found it kind of meh, repeating and not necessarily improving on a lot of work done earlier by Peter Bernstein.  But his new Harvard Business Review piece on "What We've Learned from the Financial Crisis" is excellent, particularly the first section on macro.  The latter portion on "shareholder value" and the concept of the corporation is somewhat more diffuse, but then the topic itself is somewhat more diffuse.  Fox has always been good at exposition; I think he is developing a better feel for the place of economic ideas in the structure of the economics profession.  A must-read; or at least, as Abraham Lincoln probably did not say, "if you like this kind of article, this is the kind of article you will like."

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marcel said...

I think the Lincoln quip was more along the lines of, "If this is the sort of article that appeals to a person like you, then you are the kind of person who would like an article of this type.