Saturday, October 05, 2013

Oh. Right.

[D]on’t sleep with subordinates, don’t fly into fits of rage, beware of a former president conspiring with a board member to get his job back, and don’t promptly fire a top administrator whose family’s construction company literally built the college town you’ve just moved to.

Advice from the review of a book co-authored by a former university president on (as the reviewer headlines it) "avoiding disastrous presidencies."  Inter alia, the authors tell the story of a University president who "was ousted after he charged the university for a personal chef, vacations in Europe and an engagement party for his son."  For valuable prizes, explain how one gets to be a university president without knowing that you will get fired if you charge the boss for your kid's engagement party.

[But the chutzpah prize probably goes to the guy who sought a whistle-blower award for blowing the whistle on his own financial, ahem, indiscretions.]

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