Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Toot Toot Peanut Butter!

Here's a reason to spend $105,000 (and up) on your next car--you can make a racket:

Pick any long, snaky alpine tunnel, roll the windows down and listen to that low crackle. It starts like a WWII bomber thundering low over the Mediterranean but crescendos swiftly to an intense, throaty, high-pitched roar, via raucous choir of four epic exhaust pipes.

Or as the Stutz Bearcat would have said, as piloted by the guy in the raccoon coat with the Princeton pennant: ta DA da ta Da da ta DA da.

[Source: the Maserati ad on page 52 of United Airlines' inflight magazine, narrating your Bond-like road trip from Turin to Monaco. Sic, can you buy a Maserati for a crummy 105k? Must not be much of a Maserati.]

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