Monday, November 11, 2013


I dearly hope it is all media hype that Elizabeth Warren wants to run for the Presidency.  I've said before that I've known Elizabeth over the years (albeit not at all well) and I like her; I think she has the right enemies and mostly the right friends.  I thought (and still think) the Senate was/is the right place for her, much more suitable than that consumer agency she incubated.  That is: afflicting the comfortable is clearly part of her skill set, and senators have bully chance to do just that.  On the other hand  I see no reason to believe she has any chops as an administrator.  And we've had our experience with a one-term senator in the White House and does anybody want to remind me how that turned out?

I can believe she wants to lure Hillary to the left.  I suppose that might work,  if she plays her hand with great finesse.   But it might backfire, in either of two ways.  One, recall how opposition from the left (Henry Wallace) and the right (Strom Thurmond) lifted the incubus of extremism from the shoulders of Harry S Truman and allowed him to barrel home through the center.  And two, if she really thinks she can make a statement by energizing the left, she might want to consult the ghost of Ralph Nader (Oh, still alive.  Right).  

I guess she might just  be just positioning herself as the go-to second choice if by chance Hillary chooses to bail.  Gives me one more reason to hope Hillary goes all the way.

In any event, I'd hate to think it is really Potomac fever. 

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