Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winning the Battle of Old Age:
Dispatch from the Front LInes

Most remarkable Amazon review I've read all day:
Montaigne dans le métro
It's surely very presumptuous of me to rate Montaigne, but Amazon has asked to share my experience with this Kindle edition and I feel bound to say, urbi et orbi, that it has been splendid. I downloaded the file to my Galaxy S III phone and I read a bit of Montaigne every time I ride the Metro (subway) in Santiago de Chile. (I manage to get a seat because I live at the end of Line 1; on the return journey I sometimes get one because I am over 80). 
Link.  Author is a certain Robert Torretti, otherwise unknown to me.  In another review, he says he watched more than 100 opera DVDs in 2006.  I do like to read about people who handle old age well.

Addendum:  Oh, I see here is a reviewer bio:
Location: Santiago, Chile
In My Own Words:Professor of Philosophy, Universidad de Chile Member of Institut Internationale de Philosophie, Paris Author of 'Relativity and Geometry' (Dover), 'Creative Understanding' (U. of Chicago Press), 'The Philosophy of Physics' (Cambridge University Press)
You go, Robert. 


Anonymous said...

it's 22 degrees in north alabama this am, i've got to feed sheep, goats, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, water them (it freezes) make sure they're ok. when it warms up a little i've got to crank the tractor up 1970 model and get a ton roll of hay out to the livestock. i'm 86. later today i want to write a letter to the ed of the local paper, which newhouse converted to a thrice weekly.

Buce said...

Yeh, but do you read Montaigne on the subway?