Monday, May 12, 2014

Off Again

We're off with the morning plane/across the raging main--hey, somebody has to do it.  And this time I'm not taking much computer firepower with me, which might mean that this will be my most extended blog holiday since I set up shop way back in--what was it, aught six?  I see by the stats that my numbers are way down lately.   That doesn't really mean that I've lost interest in blogging per se.  It probably does mean that I no longer feel the need to be one of those chatterbox wannabees who act as if the world awaits their every word.  I'm more inclined to let it pass for a few hour, maybe even a few days.

No time for that at the moment,  in any event.  I did want to offer some sort of lament/salute to Joyce DiDonato--no, dears, nothing bad has happened to her. But I think I heard her say that last Saturday's performance in La  Cenerentola will be her last in this signature role.  Too bad for us, but I see her point.  I do hope she will continue with other stuff, including that magnificent three-in-a-bed that ends Le Comte Ory.  Never too old for a three-in-a-bed, dear.  Meanwhile, I have a plane to catch...

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