Monday, December 25, 2006

The Meaning of Chrstmas

Herod the Great, horrified at a new surge of religious enthusiasm, reflects on his tiny victories in ther cause of good order:

Barges are unloading soil fertilizer at the river wharves.
Soft drinks and sandwiches may be had in the inns at reasonable prices.
Allotment gardening has become popular.
The highway to the coast goes straight up over the mountains and the truck drivers no longer carry guns.
Things are beginning to take shape.
It is a long time since anyone stole the park benches or murdered the swans.
There are children in this province who have never seen a louse, shopkeepers who have never handled a counterfeit coin, women of forty who have never hidden in a ditch except for fun.

WH Auden, For the Time Being

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