Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Pizza Blogging

Pizza nite at Cafe Buce:

Secret seems to be: gluten flour. six ounces gluten out of 20.5 total (the rest can be just all purpose). We crank up the convection oven to about 550, and put the stone on the top shelf. Makes a pizza not really thin enough to qualify as Italian, but nice and chewy.


Anonymous said...

Taxmom sez, what is the purple stuff on the lower right?

Anonymous said...

That purple stuff was... delicious. ;-)

Those are olives IIRC. As a guest at Chez Buce, I was delighted to have a more direct interaction with these lovelies and I can testify that the picture doesn't really do them justice. As for the flavor and texture... let me wipe the drool from my chin while I think of adequate words to describe them.... Nope, words fail me.