Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Can He Be Thinking?

I've always had the highest possible regard for Tom Campbell ever since I met him back in the 80s. He's that rarest of the rare among politicians, a genuinely honest, hard-working serious guy, looking for real solutions to real problems. But I really can't imagine what he is thinking by jumping into the California Governor'sSenate race alongside Carly Fiorina. Is't it a given that he and she will split the sane vote and leave the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

If he does, what then? I've never been particularly nuts about Boxer as a senator though I don't think she is anywhere the demon she is made out to be. And my impression is that maybe she's grown a bit in the job.

At first blush, you think I'd go for Campbell in a heartbeat. But do I really want Republicans organizing the Senate? I'm afraid that question answers itself ("no"--ed.). Put differently: I can understand why Campbell doesn't want to be a Democrat but why in heavens' name does he want to hang out with the current crop of Republicans?


trialsanderrors said...

Seconded (for the most part), but I believe that should read "jumping into the Senator's race"

Ken Houghton said...

That Carleton S. Fiorina, who did so much for Lucent and HP, is likely to attract "the sane vote" strongly suggests that your premise is incorrect.

Which strengthens your conclusion, of course, but indicates that Campbell "read the tea leaves" (i.e., spoke with leadership of both parties) and went where he has the best chance of winning.

Buce said...

'...that should read "jumping into the Senator's race"'

Of course. Thanks, trialanderrors (supra).