Monday, July 26, 2010

The Shadow Government

I've known Elizabeth Warren (not well) for something like 30 years now. Like almost everyone who ever met her, I've enjoyed her company: she's enthusiastic, energetic, warm-hearted and mostly on the side of the angels. And she has done me the occasional favor. I haven't weighed in on the great Warren Kerfuffle because I am too far out of the action to count. But I can't resist this insight from my good friend anon:
...she'll fit right with with Fed Chair Paul Krugman, Treasury Secretary Simon Johnson, and CEA chair Brad DeLong.
He forgot "counselor to the president Joseph Stiglitz." Hoo, ha, now there is a shadow government

[Anon also reports: I just don't see it happening, but then again I just didn't see the dissolution of the Soviet Union happening and thought Geithner was likely to be fired in early 09.]


brad said...

But does she have the administrative chops to start an agency?

Neil Bates said...

I hope she gets it, and I'm holding Obama responsible for not screwing progressives. (However, we should accept reasonable excuses per whether she's administratively up to it.)

BTW, there's this good-looking progressive lady economist who's work is supportive of the non-wealthy, pro minimum wage and Soc Sec, etc - and I just can't remember her name. She may have come up about government positions too. Anyone figure who I might be trying to remember?